A List of Learn To Code Resources Around The Net

Maybe you want to learn to code your own website. If you're not in a hurry web design isn't that difficult. Most modern websites are a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Start with HTML, move on to CSS, and then tackle JavaScript. You now have everything you need to handle your own "frontend" development. Here's a growing list of links you can use to learn to code. With time and practice you can build your own website.

I wanted a directory of coding resources. These are all the sites I've found useful on my coding journey. New resources are added as I find useful sites. For right now, I'll just post links, as more resources are found I'll categorize this directory for easier use.

Programmer-Books.com - Great place to find e-books on coding

w3schools.com - Free coding resources online.

GeeksForGeeks.org - A computer science portal for geeks.

EloquentJavaScript.net - Great online book explaining JavaScript

Steem.io - Developers portal for people working on the Steem Blockchain

developer.mozilla.org - Mozilla developer portal

ScriptingMaster.com - Nice reference for HTML, ASP, JavaScript, and XHTML

TutorialKart.com - Pretty thorough NodeJS tutorial

School Courses

washington.edu - Looks like a college course from University of Washington teaching basic web design.

Fun Games To Learn To Code

CSS Diner - Fun game that teaches CSS positioning.

FlexboxFroggy.com - Another fun game that teaches positioning utilizing CSS flexbox

JScodebox.com - Fun site filled with all kinds of coding challenges for lovers of JavaScript

Markup, Compliance, Best Practices

Internationalization Checker - Checks site for Internationalization. Is the page world ready?

The W3 Cheat Sheet - Quick search reference for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

W3C Markup Validation Service Validator service that checks for errors and best practices

Online IDE Sites

JSbin.com - Online IDE for working with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

CodePen IO - Another really good online IDE for frontend web developers.

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