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All Package Contents Copyrighted to New Aeon Design.

Re-distribution is strictly prohibited !

I'm not a lawyer, and I'm going to try and make this real simple. All works in this package are copyrighted to New Aeon Design. They are not to be re-sold or re-distributed as is or as a stand alone product. In other words you may use these works in your designs, web design, t-shirt designs, scrap booking, and any small business venture. You may not resell these as stand alone designs, or clipart with the exception of using in a scrapbookers kit as explained below.

Webmasters may:

  1. Use in web designs.
  2. Use in graphic designs.
  3. Create buttons, signs, promo graphics, banner ads.

Webmasters may NOT :

  1. Resell as is.
  2. Include in graphic packs as stand alone designs.
  3. Claim the work as your own.

No credit or attribution is necessary, however it is appreciated. Use the designs as often as you want and on as many designs as you want.

Everyone else for commercial use may:

  1. Use in your web designs.
  2. Use in your graphic designs.
  3. Use for t-shirts, crafts, and product designs like greeting cards.
  4. Scrap booking and incorporating into your designs.
  5. You may use for anything printed or digital.

Everyone else for commercial use may NOT :

  1. Resell or re-distribute as clipart or stand alone designs. See scrapbooking kit exception and rules.
  2. Claim as your own work.
  3. Give away as freebies or free promo packs.

No credit or attribution is necessary, however it is appreciated unless used as part of a scrapbooking or clipart kit. Use the designs as often as you want and on as many designs as you want.

Attention Scrapbookers and clipart resellers: You can include these designs in your digital scrapbooking kits however, these designs can not to exceed more than 25% of the scrapbooking kit and attribution and a link to must be included in your EULA along with a copy of this EULA/TOS agreement included in the package.

Not to be distributed as freebies for any promotion or part of any free package.

This license covers use by independent designers, small business, and not for Corporate interests, or software designers. For a corporate or software design license please e-mail If you have any licensing question don't hesitate to send an email. Stealing Copyrighted Material is a crime !

I'm pretty liberal with the reuse of these designs. My intention is to supply good, professional graphics and clipart for webmasters, scrapbookers, and small business design professionals.