Welcome and thanks for taking an interest in New Aeon Design. The Design Blog is up and running and being updated regularly. The rest of the site is under constant development, and being updated frequently. When I'm not working on customers sites, I work on this site. I'll be adding a portfolio and some products, and special offers shortly. Feel free to browse around, and for the latest news on New Aeon Design you can follow us on twitter @NewAeonDesign or let me know you were here and send a tweet from the sidebar.

Update: First graphic pack now available for download. Click Here

Looking for the Bitcoin Pages Click Here !

Update: Here's a side project I started working on. Check out the New Aeon Design Amazon store. The store features computers, tech, parts, books, and all kinds of fun products from Amazon. I add more products as time permits. Thanks again for taking an interest in New Aeon Design !